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Pour éviter qu'il ne devienne l'unique enchantement d'arme viable pour les tanks, Blizzard a décidé de retirer [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Titanguard] du patch 3.0.8.

Ghostcrawler (Source: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=14318707674&pageNo=6&sid=1#104)
Had this enchant gone live it would have become THE enchant for nearly all tanks. It would not have been an interesting choice. We would have had to keep introducing higher tiers of the same enchant, or else players would just keep using this version for perpetuity. We put Stamina already on many items. We don't think your weapon needs one as well. I received messages from several tanks for very prominent guilds asking us to please not go forward with this enchant. They understood why it was bad for the game.

Death knights have access to superior enchants in part because they do not have a shield or ranged weapon slot and the stats provided by those items.

The PTR is for testing. If you find yourself frustrated that things change between the PTR and live, I would suggest you stop paying attention to the PTR notes. Even if a change like this had already gone live, we probably would have changed it anyway. We did not like what this enchant would have done for the game.


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